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A warm welcome from Juniper Canyon Recovery Center

Our Approach to Healing

At Juniper Canyon Recovery, our approach to healing is holistic and empowering. We offer more than treatment; we cultivate a supportive environment where every woman can experience individualized healing and personal growth. Our dedicated team utilizes a variety of therapeutic modalities, creating personalized plans that meet each client where they are, addressing their unique needs and fostering a path towards recovery and renewal. Through innovative programs like Equine Therapy and Wild Craft; trauma modalities such as EMDR, ART (Accelerated Resolution Therapy) & somatic work; alongside multiple clinical approaches, we ensure a comprehensive healing journey for every woman who enters Juniper Canyon

Our Clinical Approach:

At Juniper Canyon Recovery, our clinical team is composed of highly skilled and licensed professionals, including Psychologists, Psychiatrists, Marriage and Family Therapists (MFTs), Substance Abuse Counselors, Nurses, and an MD, all dedicated to supporting the recovery journey of each woman in our care. This multidisciplinary team brings a wealth of expertise and a wide array of therapeutic modalities to provide comprehensive and individualized care.


We diligently craft personalized treatment plans that are as unique as each woman who walks through our doors. From Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy (CBT) to Dialectical Behavior Therapy (DBT) and IFS (Internal Family Systems) and the trauma modalities mentioned above, our therapeutic approach is chosen and tailored to address the specific needs, goals, and contexts of each client. In our hands, you’ll find not just treatment, but empathetic, trauma-informed support designed to meet and engage women at their point of need, ensuring that each one feels seen, heard, and valued. With a steadfast commitment to facilitating holistic healing and empowerment, our approach encapsulates not only the mind but also the body and spirit, offering a sanctuary where transformation, recovery, and renewal are not just goals but lived experiences for every woman in our healing community.

The Profound Impact of Equine Therapy:

At Juniper Canyon, Equine Therapy is a transformative experience that uniquely fosters self-confidence and enhances non-verbal communication. Engaging with intuitive and responsive horses, clients gain valuable insights, emotional growth, and resilience. These majestic animals reflect the clients’ emotions, providing immediate and insightful feedback, crucial for deep healing and self-discovery. This therapy is not just healing; it is an expedited journey toward strength, holistic recovery, and graceful self-discovery.

Healing Near Capitol Reef National Park:

Nestled between the Arches and Zion National Parks, and just outside the Capitol Reef National Park, the Juniper Canyon campus, features lodge accommodations ideal for self-care and adventure, providing the perfect base for healing, self-discovery, and personal growth.

Meet Serafina

Serafina, our Program Director and certified Yoga Instructor, has been with us for five years. Her commitment, knowledge, and infectious energy are instrumental in making our program what it is today.

Wild Craft: Where Creativity Meets Nature

We’ve developed a space where art, movement, and nature come together, providing our clients with a way to express and heal through creativity, all under the broad, serene sky.

Why Juniper Canyon?

Women come to us facing a host of challenges, each seeking treatment for mental health issues and/or addiction. We respond by providing a well-rounded care experience, addressing the needs of women dealing with depression, anxiety, PTSD, eating disorders, or addiction.

Trust in Our Commitment

We appreciate your trust and partnership as we guide women on their healing and recovery journey. With our commitment to delivering quality, holistic care and aftercare support, we are here as a beacon of hope and renewal for your clients. Feel free to reach out at (866) 436-4458 for more information or to refer a client.



Juniper Canyon Recovery Dr. Maddy

Warm regards,
Dr. Maddy Liebing, Psychologist and Marriage and Family Therapist, 
Clinical Director Juniper Canyon Recovery Center for Women