Ice Skating in New York City kicks of #CityscapeAdventureSeries2020

Legacy Outdoor Adventures and Juniper Canyon Recovery Center for Women are thrilled to announce that they will be collaborating with other therapeutic programs and companies in their effort to spread awareness about wilderness therapy and the efficacy of outdoor and adventure-based therapy. The February 2nd Cityscape Adventure kicked off the series with a group of professionals ice skating at Wollen Rink in New York City. The group discussed the change in mood when getting outside, seeing the sun occasionally pop through the clouds, and sharing in a fun experience. Attendees talked about getting out of negative head spaces while laughing to silly pop songs and skating around in NYC’s central park. Attendees also discussed challenges and fears prior to skating and body’s ability to remember how to skate (even if it’s been years!), as well as old skating memories. More experienced skaters naturally took to teaching and supporting those skaters with less ice time.

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