On December 13th, Legacy Outdoor Adventures / Juniper Canyon Recovery Center founder Derek Daley joined representatives from other wilderness programs, as well as researchers from the University of New Hampshire, to present about Outdoor Behavioral Health (OBH) in Manchester, New Hampshire. The event was hosted by Network 4 Health. It provided an opportunity for local clinicians and mental health professionals to learn about OBH programs and their efficacy. It was one of many ventures by Daley and others to spread the word about wilderness therapy and its tremendous sucsess in treating mental health and addiction.

Derek, as well as the whole team at Legacy and Juniper Canyon, is thrilled to be able to support the efforts of Drs. Mike Gass and Anita Tucker- as well as other researchers and current students- who help to spread the word about outdoor behavioral healthcare and its efficacy.

In the year ahead, Legacy and Juniper Canyon look forward to hosting the Cityscape Adventure Series in cities nationwide (as well as in some international locations). Along with national sponsor programs and countless professionals who support the wilderness and OBH programs, the Legacy/Juniper Canyon team is on a mission to connect people to the healing power of nature and demystify wilderness therapy by educating on current research and trends.