Using Your Insurance at Legacy Treatment Center

Legacy Treatment Center was founded with one of the singular missions of expanding access to what is known to be an incredibly effective form of treatment: evidence-based clinical work done in conjunction with Wilderness and Adventure Therapy. Rather than simply creating what is commonly called a “superbill” for families to receive insurance reimbursement post-treatment (as has been the industry standard for quite some time), we at Legacy Treatment Center went above and beyond to help families use their insurance policies on the front-end of treatment, greatly diminishing costs. By acquiring the expertise and licensure to pre-authorize and bill insurance, Legacy Outdoor Adventures for Men and Juniper Canyon Recovery Center for Women have already taken the unprecedented leap towards this goal and have helped numerous families of patients receive more affordable treatment. This is something we are incredibly proud of.


Legacy Treatment Center is licensed by the State of Utah as a provider of mental health and substance abuse treatment. Many insurance companies will cover part of the cost of Legacy Treatment Center for medically necessary treatment. Legacy programs have the ability to preauthorize and bill insurance.


Take the first step toward healing and verify your benefits today!

It is important to understand that the Verification of Benefits (VOB) only verifies benefits (including deductibles and out-of-pocket amounts). It doesn’t commit an insurance company to paying for the client’s treatment. Unlike treatment for an accident such as a broken arm which an insurance company would pay for with limited evidence of need, all insurance companies require highly detailed evidence of need before they will authorize treatment for behavioral health/substance use.

This authorization is based on information provided to them by Legacy Treatment Center. This information is initially provided to the insurance company through an intake assessment form. Legacy and Juniper Canyon clinicians are required to make a case that the treatment is “medically necessary.” Typically, insurance companies are not very helpful. Their criteria for medically necessary is vague and a determination about meeting medical necessity is left up to individual care managers at the insurance company – each who may interpret medical necessity differently. Based on the information provided, treatment at Legacy or Juniper Canyon may or may not be authorized by the care manager. If not authorized, the insurance company will NOT pay for treatment even if the VOB indicates the policy has benefits.

At Legacy Treatment Center, we are proud to have a clinical and administrative staff that routinely goes above and beyond to make sure that insurance companies have every last piece of important information needed to assess medical needs for each client. We conduct each intake assessment and subsequent follow-up assessments with the utmost care and consistency to ensure that all available information is reported so that insurance companies will have every reason to find treatment necessary.