Juniper Canyon Business Development

The past few weeks have been busy for Juniper Canyon’s co-founder and Director of Business Development Derek Daley!

He has spent a lot of time on the west coast in California. Specifically, Derek attended two conferences to represent Juniper Canyon and Legacy and spend time connecting with folks inside AND outside…

At both the YATA (Young Adult Transitional Association) and IECA (Independent Educational Consultants Association) conferences (in Riverside, CA and San Diego, CA, respectively), Derek led morning walks to get people outside, moving, and connecting with with nature AND one another before a full day of conferencing. 

At the YATA conference he also delivered the keynote address, along with Dr. Brett Talbot. 

Derek loves spending time with colleagues and friends on the road, spreading the message of Wilderness Therapy and the wisdom of the #RXOFFTHECOUCH and #Therapyoffthecouch movements through Cityscape Adventures. Read about the recent successful adventure in none other than New York City! 

Juniper Canyon and Legacy are premier Wilderness Therapy Programs for Adults struggling with depression, anxiety, substance abuse and other mental health issues.