Meet Our Team

Kenny Ellers


Kenny Eilers was born and raised in Simsbury, CT. He studied at the University of Connecticut, where he earned a bachelor’s degree in Math and Actuarial Science. After graduating from UCONN, Kenny worked as an actuary for The Hartford Insurance company for two and a half years before making a life-altering decision to move out West.

Since 2016, Kenny has been working as a field guide at Legacy Outdoor Adventures. As of 2021, he has stepped into the role of Assistant Field Director. With over half a decade of guiding experience both at Legacy and at other organizations outside of Legacy Treatment Center, he continues to supplement this experience through professional training through NOLS, the AMGA and AAI. What he loves about his job is the opportunity to always be learning. He appreciates the mentorship that Legacy and his role offers him. He strives to continuously put effort and care into building relationships with clients and staff while at work.

In his off time, Kenny can be found preparing for the next adventure life has to offer, or off split boarding, mountain biking, canyoneering, climbing, dirt biking, and/or mountaineering.