The Best of
Both Worlds:

Blending Residential Treatment with Outdoor Behavioral Healthcare

Juniper Canyon Treatment Center is unique in that it blends the healing power of the wilderness with the clinical sophistication and safety of a Licensed Residential Treatment Center that is Joint Commission Accredited. Our campus features a lake, and plenty of wildlife and is both remote and private offering security and safety. Because we have a hybrid program, our clients are able to take advantage of the benefits of Outdoor Behavioral Healthcare, while also working with licensed and trained professionals in a comfortable, modern facility (link to tour our facility).

As opposed to traditional Wilderness Therapy programs where clients spend every day and night outdoors, clients at Juniper Canyon return to our Treatment Center each week, staying in comfortable cabins where they participate in community living. While there, they have the ability to participate in treatment that is impossible to facilitate outdoors, such as Psychiatry, Equine Therapy, Trauma Treatment Modalities, and family therapy conducted via video conferencing. 

Additionally, Juniper Canyon’s hybrid model offers the opportunity to practice transition. Many of our clients have struggled with change, are survivors of attachment-related trauma, or have a hard time with transitions associated with entering adulthood. Because we leave our residential treatment center every week for Adventure Therapy in the field and then return to our treatment center, our clients are able to practice transitions weekly. They’re able to process the challenges associated with transition and generalize that to their lives back home. 

The power of our hybrid program is something that makes Juniper Canyon Treatment Center unique among both Wilderness Therapy programs and Residential Treatment Centers. Juniper Canyon clients are able to take advantage of treatment in both environments, guided by our expert staff.

Additional Benefits to A Hybrid Program include:

  • Access to Modern Facilities Including Showers and Bathrooms
  • Ability to Address Dietary Needs
  • Onsite Laundry Facilities 
  • Opportunity to Cook and Prepare Healthy Meals in a Modern Kitchen 
  • Access to Computers and Phones to Do Aftercare Research 
  • Strengthening Community by Sharing Chores & Cleaning 
  • Family & Couples Therapy via video conferencing 
  • Access to Art Materials & Art Therapy 
  • Onsite Horses & Equine Therapy 
  • Access to a Medical Clinic & 24 Hour Onsite Nursing 
  • Psychiatric Appointments 
  • Access to Specialized Medical Professionals per client need 
  • High Staff to Client Ratio