Juniper Canyon Recovery Center for Women and Legacy Outdoor Adventures for Men are licensed by the State of Utah as residential treatment providers of mental health and substance abuse treatment for adult clients.  Both programs are accredited by the Joint Commission, a nationally-recognized leader in the accreditation of healthcare organizations.

We have the ability to verify benefits quickly to determine if your policy covers our program and to preauthorize treatment.  We have a successful track record of working with many insurance companies to collect a significant portion of the cost of treatment on behalf of clients who have health insurance.

Our ability to verify and preauthorize benefits on the front end of treatment, and our willingness to work with families who do not have the means to pay the full price of treatment up front, allows us to enroll clients who do not have the resources to pay the full amount in advance and must at least partially rely on insurance benefits to get into treatment.  If we are able to bill your insurance, we are willing to accept an upfront deposit to cover the enrollment fee and the amount of your deductible and estimated copay.

The Founders of Legacy Treatment Center are motivated by a desire to make effective treatment more financially accessible to more families.  It is our mission to provide an exceptional and unique therapeutic experience and powerful life-altering journey to all those who come here.  Our ability to proactively work with insurance on the front end, and our willingness to take the risk that the insurance proceeds will at least partially offset the private-pay shortfall, provides access to our programs to many people who would otherwise miss out.  Even though the demanding pre-authorization and utilization review processes have greatly increased the workload of our entire team, we believe that the results of getting more people into profoundly effective treatment are well worth the extra effort.

If you desire to access your insurance benefits, please contact our admissions team.  We can obtain same-day verification of your benefits and help you estimate how much insurance reimbursement to expect.  We will then aggressively pursue preauthorization of treatment on your behalf, and follow through with the continuation of authorizations through the full course of treatment.  We provide all the services and support required to work with your insurance, including verification of benefits, pre-authorization, on-going utilization reviews and authorizations, billing and denials appeals.

Accreditation by the Joint-Commission demonstrates a commitment to exceptional care and services. Programs and facilities that are accredited show commitment to maintaining and improving upon their client care. Having gone through the rigorous process of achieving Joint-Commission accreditation, Legacy Treatment Center and Juniper Canyon are committed to continuing to demonstrate excellence in the field of behavioral healthcare.

At Juniper Canyon, each client is fully outfitted with the highest quality outdoor clothing and equipment. There is no need to bring anything other than essential personal items such as medication and eyeglasses. For more information, contact an admissions officer while enrolling.


After Juniper Canyon, clients typically choose to continue with treatment of some kind, whether that is a young adult transitional living program or outpatient services. Our team of licensed clinicians work with each client and family to design a discharge plan that builds on the foundation of the therapeutic work done at Juniper Canyon.