#RXofftheCouch Goes Virtual

Legacy Outdoor Adventures and Juniper Canyon Recovery Center for Women have taken virtual steps to continue their commitment to industry leadership and community support. Under a set of strictly enforced protocols and procedures, the wilderness therapy programs are still accepting clients and still delivering the same experience for those in the program. Going into April, they are collectively at an all-time census high.

Like many organizations, there are ways in which Legacy and Juniper Canyon have had to adjust to life under the current restrictions on travel and gathering. This has impacted the work that they do on an industry level in terms of education, brand awareness and creating community. Rather than be discouraged at canceled events and conferences, the team is simply switching to virtual platforms in order to continue with their mission.

On Tuesday, March 31st, founder Derek Daley led a webinar with the team at Best Notes. He spoke about “establishing a culture of data gathering.” Research driven treatment is something that both Legacy Outdoor Adventures and Juniper Canyon pride themselves on delivering; it is part of what makes the organization premier wilderness therapy for adults and wilderness recovery programs.

Additionally, the team has remained committed to their #Cityscape Adventure Series. In lieu of in-person events across the country, they have instead begun uploading video content to their Youtube channel. While the hope is that many in our country can still get outside during this time, the reality is that many are spending much more time inside. In addition to other suggestions from the crew (such as sitting by a window as much as possible or starting pen-pal relationships with friends and family), Legacy and Juniper Canyon hope that the #Cityscape Adventure Video Series can help folks stay nature- and community-connected. National sponsors of the #Cityscape series have begun to jump in and add content as well; check out the YouTube channel and Facebook page for links to meditation videos, nature walks, and bike rides — there’s even an at-home bow drill lesson from Daniel Rogers.

Perhaps the most important thing that the team has been able to do in the last few weeks, however, is to provide virtual support for the community of Legacy and Juniper Canyon alumni across the country. By utilizing video chat technology, alumni from both programs have been able to call in for virtual “gratitude circles” and moments of reflection and connection. These are anxiety-provoking and scary times. Now more than ever, programs have an obligation to give clients – past and present- platforms to connect and support one another. One alum currently at a residential program in California put it best: “even though there are new faces on {this video chat}, I know that we all have a shared experience in Legacy. That’s comforting in the way that few things are right now.”

Legacy and Juniper Canyon will be back to hosting live and in-person events as soon as they can. Until then, while they do their part to responsibly socially distance and stay at home, it is important to continue to offer the leadership and community within their industry.