Spotlight on: Adventure Therapy at Juniper Canyon Recovery Center

Adventure in the Wilderness

By Juniper Canyon Staff

At Juniper Canyon we believe that our clinical treatment is advanced and reinforced through adventure experiences that encourage empowerment and the development of self-confidence and efficacy in our clients. Through activities such as backpacking, mountain biking, climbing, hiking, outdoor yoga and wellness practices, hiking, horseback riding and more, women are able to face and overcome challenges within a supportive – and most importantly a safe – container that is designed expertly to fit their individual needs. Research shows that an increase in self-confidence, self-efficacy–an ability to effectively exert control over one’s current experience– and in self-awareness all result in an increased success in other areas of life such as relationships with family and friends, school and work!

Through our adventures we provide opportunities that may appear difficult or uncomfortable, but with the proper instruction, guidance and encouragement are totally safe and achievable for our clients.. After each adventure we process the experience in order to maximize our clients’ growth. These process groups are led by licensed clinicians and grounded in our other therapeutic modalities. The pattern of facing and overcoming obstacles develop self-efficacy and resiliency traits, and enhance our client’s confidence in overcoming any of life’s challenges once they graduate from our program. 

The Role of Adventure in Our Hybrid Program 

Juniper Canyon Recovery Center is a highly unique and specific program in that it blends the healing power of the wilderness with the clinical sophistication and safety of a Licensed Residential Treatment Center. We are Joint Commission Accredited. The Juniper Canyon campus features a lake, plenty of wildlife and is both private and remote, which offers security and complete safety. Because we have a hybrid program, our clients are able to take advantage of the benefits of Outdoor Behavioral Healthcare, while also working with licensed and trained professionals in a modern and comfortable facility.

Adventures Include: 

  • Technical Canyoneering (descending slot canyons using repelling and downclimbing)
  • Rock Climbing
  • Mountain Biking
  • Backpacking
  • Summiting Mountain Peaks 
  • Fishing 
  • Backcountry Camping 
  • Solo Experiences