The Link Between Substance
Abuse & Mental Health

While not all our clients at Juniper Canyon have problems with substance abuse, when young adults are struggling with trauma and/or mental health issues, they often turn to drugs or alcohol to numb the pain or disconnect from overwhelming challenges. Many of them started this pattern as teenagers, and by the time they become adults, their substance abuse has become an overarching challenge that must be addressed simultaneously with core mental health and trauma issues. Juniper Canyon invites but does not require clients to explore the 12 Step Program that has proven effective for substance abuse recovery. The principles are taught, and clients can participate as much as they want. They may also explore other substance abuse recovery modalities such as Smart Recovery, or Dharma Recovery. 

We believe that the answers to who we are and what we can become are already within each of us. At Juniper Canyon we help women find that core beauty and strength. We do this by providing women with a community of engaging guides and clinicians who personally model and cultivate balanced, healthy lives. We maintain a team of committed, experienced professionals who have intentionally created an environment where women learn to trust and support their communities, often for the very first time. The lessons and successes that they experience allow them to build healthy friendships in early recovery, and to develop their own supportive network when they return to their communities and families. Just as carving a smooth spoon from a rough juniper branch unleashes the beauty and utility of the wood, Juniper Canyon helps each woman find her inner strength and resilience.