Sunshine, Zoom, Family, Co-workers, Netflix, Health… on last night’s Alumni Zoom call, former clients of both Legacy Outdoor Adventures for men and Juniper Canyon Recovery Center for Women shared with each other from across the country the things that they are grateful for. The tradition of “getting grateful” is something that all those who attended or worked at Legacy Treatment Center program at any time remember. Before meals, meetings, family workshops and as a way of coming together in community, Legacy and JC clients and staff pause in a moment of reflection to share the gratitude in their hearts.

Perhaps the most important thing that the team has been able to do in the last few weeks, is to provide virtual support for the community

of Legacy and Juniper Canyon alumni across the country. By utilizing video chat technology, alumni from both programs have been able to call in for virtual “gratitude circles” and moments of reflection and connection.

Many alumni who have been tuning in are currently in aftercare or secondary programs. They may be far away from family and friends at home, and because of the regulations on gathering right now may be unable to attend regular 12-Step meetings or support groups. Creating connection to the Legacy community is key.

These are anxiety-provoking and scary times. Now more than ever, programs have an obligation to give clients – past and present- platforms to connect and support one another. One alum currently at a residential program in California put it best: “even though there are new faces on {this video chat}, I know that we all have a shared experience in Legacy. That’s comforting in the way that few things are right now.”