WHY Juniper Canyon Recovery Center

The Importance of Juniper Canyon 

By Juniper Canyon Staff

Juniper Canyon Recovery Center for Women occupies a specific and important space in the world of treatment. As an adult-only, trauma informed, Wilderness Therapy program designed for women by women, it is truly one of a kind. 

Adult Only– The clients at Juniper Canyon are all adults- 18 and up. As such, they are treated this way. Each client is a willing participant in the program. Each client also has a chance to help develop their own treatment experience and individualized treatment plan alongside the licensed clinicians on our team. Our staff only work with adults – unlike many Wilderness Therapy programs that work with both adolescent/child clients and “young adults,” so they are trained and attuned to the specific needs of adult women. 

Trauma-informed– The clients who come to us at Juniper Canyon have typically experienced some form of trauma, and may have even experienced on-going, complex and/or chronic trauma. As a result, we know that for our clients, therapy must be trauma-informed. This means our team needs to access specific trauma modalities in order to help our clients heal. Read more about our trauma-informed care here

Wilderness Therapy for Women– The power of Wilderness Therapy and Adventure Therapy for women cannot be overstated. We believe in the healing power of the wilderness. We know that the challenges and opportunities presented by nature can empower our clients to achieve great things– both with us in the field and beyond. We know that our campfire culture is unique and special and helps women build healthy bonds and relationships – often for the first time in a while. 

There is much more to know about Juniper Canyon Recovery Center for Women. We are the premier Wilderness Therapy program for adult women.  If you are interested in the program for yourself or a loved one, don’t hesitate to reach out to our admissions team for more information.