Find Healing in the Wilderness

At Juniper Canyon Recovery Center, we believe in the healing power of wilderness. Our program uses evidence-based, clinical treatment complemented by intentional outdoor experiences.

Being connected to nature offers many mental health benefits including reduced anxiety, improved focus, reduced depression, increased physical activity, and the ability to practice mindfulness and as a result decrease stress. Our clients are taught to take advantage of all of these benefits. With the help of our trained staff and clinical team, clients at Juniper Canyon practice mindfulness techniques, embrace the beauty of the natural terrain, and are able to engage safely in the wilderness around them. While out in the field, our clients are free from the over-stimulation of the modern world including technology, work, school, and social stressors, which gives them the space and time to engage more fully in treatment. 

Being outdoors offers opportunities for adventure and challenge, which empowers those we work with to step out of their comfort zone and find their true capacity for change and growth. Skills and confidence developed through living in an outdoor environment strengthen resiliency, self-efficacy, and confidence. These characteristics automatically prepare clients to overcome challenges in their lives when they return to school or work. To learn more about Adventure Therapy, go here (link to Adventure Therapy).

We have seen many of our alumni choose to maintain connection with the wilderness and the outdoors after graduating from Juniper Canyon, some even returning to work as field guides themselves. It is our experience that the skills and the ability to thrive in the outdoors they develop at Juniper Canyon will enable our clients to continue to enhance their lives with the healing power of the wilderness for many years.